LCPL Anthony "Tony" David Botello

Unit: 7th Marine Regiment
Age: 21
Home Town: Wilberton, OK
Died On: 01/26/1993

Anthony grew up wanting to serve his country. He graduated from Wilburton OK. High School, where he was on the football team. He enlisted in March 1991 and was a member of C Co 1st Battalion 7th Marines. Anthony was a proud American.

U.S. Marine L. Cpl. Anthony D. Botello of Wilburton, OK, was killed on January 26, 1993, while on late-night patrol in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. Corporal Botello is survived by his mother, Caroline Ann Gean, who still lives in Wilburton, OK, and his wife, Sharla, who was residing in Twentynine Palms, CA, where Corporal Botello was assigned to the 7th Marine Regiment.

Anthony Botello answered the call of his country to bring peace and stability to a country ravaged with war, poverty, and starvation. He selflessly confronted evil for the sake of good in a land far away and for starving people he did not know. He defended honorably the principles of justice, morality, and benevolence in order to protect the weak against the strong. The loss of Anthony Botello has brought closer to home the personal tragedies of defending peace and justice. His death has reminded us all of the sacrifice which some are called upon to make while defending peace and freedom. We all owe him a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid.

Corporal Botello joins thousands of Americans who have died in the pursuit and protection of peace and freedom all around the world. He has given his life for his belief in honor and bravery and duty and country. Today, we pay tribute to a young man who embodied the spirit of patriotism and the dedication to principle.