CWO Clifton "Elvis" P. Wolcott

Unit: 160th Special Operations Regiment
Age: 36
Home Town: Lockport, NY
Died On: 10/03/1993

In just three years, CW4 Clifton P. Wolcott, 36, would have retired to the farm he and his wife bought in the rolling hills of Kentucky's North Carolina County, about an hour from Fort Campbell.

“We were starting to learn to raise cattle, and he was quite a good horseman,” says his widow, Christine Wolcott. He would take his 12-year-old son, Robert, dove hunting. “He was really a good husband and always put his family first,” Christine Wolcott says. “He was sweet and considerate. Robert and I knew we were the main focus of his life.

As an Army brat, Clifton Wolcott grew up in Germany, hiking in the Alps with his mother while his father served in Vietnam. The family later moved to upstate New York before he joined the Army. “Clif was totally devoted to his parents; he loved them very much. I think that says a lot about the way he was raised,” Christine Wolcott says. “I've seen guys that love their country and say they are patriotic, but Clif lived it.”

Typical of special operations missions, the family had no warning when Clifton Wolcott deployed to Somalia Aug. 11. “It was one of those days where I came home from work, and he called and said, `Pack me a bag,' “His widow says. She talked to him twice by phone after he arrived in Somalia. “He didn't talk about the mission. . .[but he said] everybody there was very sharp and all the people he worked with were really outstanding. He really was proud of the men he worked with.”

On October 3, 1993, while leading a flight on the assault of an objective in downtown Mogadishu, his aircraft was struck by an RPG. As his aircraft fell to the ground CW4 Wolcott skillfully maintained what control he could and issued critical instructions to those aboard thus helping to ensure their survival. CW4 Wolcott died as a result of that action and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his gallantry.