PFC Domingo Arroyo, Jr.

Unit: 11th Marine Regiment
Age: 21
Home Town: Elizabeth, NJ
Died On: 01/20/1993

On January 20, 1993, Pfc. Domingo Arroyo, Jr., of Elizabeth, NJ, became the first United States soldier to be killed in the Somalian relief effort. Private Arroyo, who expected to be discharged shortly from the Marines after 4 years of active duty that included Operation Desert Storm, was part of a patrol that was ambushed by Somali gunmen.

Domingo was born in Puerto Rico. Living in New Jersey most of his life, he came from a close-knit family and was liked and respected by his teachers, friends, and neighbors. The reasons he gave for joining the Marines were moral and selfless. He wanted to help others, he wanted a college education in order to better himself, and he wanted to provide his mother with more desirable living conditions.

A true American, Domingo gave his life in another country, protecting its destitute, defenseless people. In his dedication to his country, to his family, and to his high ideals, he represents the best of our Nation's youth. Domingo will be remembered as a hero and honored for his selfless bravery.