Multimedia Enhancements

Published: Sunday, September 23, 2012

There have been several enhancements to the multimedia section of the site.  This includes the addition of numerous radio broadcasts, documents, maps, and videos.

Radio broadcasts from Armed Forces Network FM 99.9, Mogadishu, Somalia from 1993 have been added.  These were taped by Kenneth Surratt, a member of the 2/14 Quick Reaction Force.  When Ken was not out on a mission, he volunteered his time as a DJ for our local radio station.  Almost nine hours of audio is on the site.  Thank you Ken for this awesome contribution.

In the documents section, a paper written by LTC William David, commander of Task Force 2/14 (QRF).  This paper talks about how he turned a standard infantry unit into an elite fighting force.  Also in the section, several maps of Somalia were added covering the country, Mogadishu, and Kismaayo.

Finally, a few videos were added to that section of the site.  There is a link at the bottom of the page pointing to additional videos.